Mindful Art for mind, body and spirit contains genuine precious metals


Innovative Art Therapy

Experience Mindful art therapy with high vibratory precious metals. 

On the subject of mind training we have combined aspects of neuro-linguistic programing with a twist. In order to form great habits and to expand aspects of the brain you have to stimulate the visual sensory neurons in the brain. Gaze your way to more balance and empowerment. gallery

Golden Fire

Art has the power to bring about balance and empowerment, especially when the art is created to stimulate and improve the mind, body and spirit.


Original oil paintings on Canvas..

Contact Mindful connection and Balanced power today, to set up a private exhibition.


Magic Mushrooms & Stargates

Take a health consultation to suppliment your mind and body as we partake in sacred meditations to open the bodies meridians and nerve bundles. Mudras, mantras and mindful art begins this mind trip fueled by magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom species and amount determined by health consultation.

Magic mushroom and stargate experience only held in legal territories.

All things Artful!