Trainer: Kaitlan


Young and ambitious personal trainer with 3 years experience working with children on the spectrum.

Metaphysical beginings



Brandon (Nova)  was born in 1980.  He is the middle son of a metaphysics preacher who spread the understanding and applied knowledge of Internal Alchemy amongst 3 spiritual centers and a large  congregation. While being initiated by physical and higher spiritual beings, Brandon embraced learning as an avid reader. He followed a reading regimen of a book a week since the age of 5. For 7 years he belonged to the "Young Author's" program in Cleveland Ohio. In the practice of Kaizen he spent years developing his mind, body and spirit, ascending through sacred meditations. Brandon attended Clarion University on a full wrestling scholarship and majored in Journalism. He self published his first book at the age of 21 "Everything that Glitters aint gold" A biography of his father's dramatic, testosterone and adrenaline filled life as a metaphysics preacher who applied the knowledge by becoming a metalurgist and jeweler to muscicians, hustlers and wealthy drug delears. This book also recorded the young life of Brandon and the impact his childhood had on his development, while suffering from life threatening injuries and being raised around profound natural healers, body guards and martial artist's. Brandon sold over 20,000 copies of his first book direct and worked many dopamine raising positions before taking a job as a ghost writer. He wrote screen plays as he continued to master his craft as a wellness expert. Over 10 years Brandon created and taught classes, trained people one on one, created and hosted workshops, camps and retreats while working with more than 2000 individuals and mastering his craft in the wellness Industry. In 2013 Brandon began working with an acting school in miami. He joined the team as an innovative meditation and breath coach while writing stage plays. In 2015Brandon began working alongside Doctors. He continues to help other's heal through journaling and writing their life story while using magnetic therapy, innovative meditations and training. 

More History

Certified in personal training, Internal alchemy, accupressure massage and magnetic therapy.

Ninja style Reiki master:  Reiki symbols are applied to the body to open up hand chakras and nerve endings through mudras. Life force energy (bioeelectromagneticctromagneticbioeelectromagnetiromagneticctromagneticbioeelectromagneticc) is charged through advanced Sun gazing and chi enhancing cosmic spinning exersizes.  (C.E.A.D.)

Coming Soon

Mindful, therapudic art with precious metals. With the release of this latest project you will be able to do your daily meditations and mindful techniques by staring at art.



Files coming soon.