4x4 orbital manifestation art. Framed prints now on sale. $19.99


Trainer: Kaitlan


Young and ambitious personal trainer with 3 years experience working with children on the spectrum.

Metaphysical beginings


Brandon Nova (Martial Artist & Art therapist)

Brandon Nova is a Martial artist and art therapist using sacred geometry and many aspects of hermetic science to help heal and raise individuals vibration and build more connective tissue making stronger mind and body connections. 

Brandon is Certified in personal training Internal & external alchemy and 

Ninja arts. (Ninjitsu)

Ninja style Reiki master:  Reiki symbols are converted into mudras, applied to the body with extreme pressure to stimulate and to open up hand chakras and nerve endings. Lifeforce energy (bioelectromagnetic energy) is charged through advanced Sun gazing and chi enhancing cosmic spinning exercises.  (C.E.A.D.) then transferred out of the hands into the patients auric field.

Coming Soon

Mindful, therapudic art with precious metals. With the release of this latest project you will be able to do your daily meditations and mindful techniques by staring at art.



Files coming soon.