All programs and experiences come with a mind, body and spirit training journal.

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    Health and wellness consulting. Connecting you with innovative programs and experiences.

    The Legacy Experience

    We help write your Legacy; book, audio or screenplay.

    This program and enlightening experience focuses around natural healing. Observing and documenting your life is extremely therapudic. Your words, life lessons and wisdom should echo on..... Rather you want to tell your story in book form, audio or movie, we have a team of writers, editors, and literary agents to help extend your voice and purpose.

    Experience powerful healing with mudras, mantras, mandalas, magnetic therapy and powerful meditations.

    Have your internal wealth legacy etched in time for you, your family, friends and more.

    As we continue through our human experience, we must become more mindful of the pursuit and realized achievement of internal wealth alongside the usual focus on external riches.

    Wellness Consultations

    Wellness Guidance

    In today's fast paced world we can all use a wellness guide, an individual who specializes in the art of balance and empowerment. Whether you need an expert to bounce your ideas off of, or an open ear as a sounding board to assist with life's ongoing issues, every session revolves around you receiving meditative, physical training and personalized nutrition advice to help place you on a positive frequency.

    Recieve your meditations, wellness advice and deeper understanding of vibration healing over the phone or in person

    Training journals available on line or hard cover delivered to your home.

    We only work with the best certified, liscenced and experienced health proffesionals for the  different aspects of your wellness plan.

    Innovative Programs

    Training: All training is geared towards injury/ailment treatment while building lean muscle and more mind/body connection. This includes low impact, compound movements, joint rotations and static contractions.

    (Heal while you train.)

    All training is performed by experienced and certified trainers and healers who go through an intensive coarse in Brandon's  programs. 

    Meditation: Our meditations are an expansion of neurolinguistic programing and allows for the building of new neural pathways by stimulating the auditory, visual and kinetic sensory neurons in the brain. 

    Mindful Connections:

    This is where Sacred science meets innovation and healing is building.

    Awe Inspiring Experiences

    The core of all our experiences are based on applied physics. The Earth is a giant magnetic orb. Through natural environment and magnetic therapy devices, our innovative experiences not only stimulate the endocrine system/chakras to release feel good and healing hormones (neurotransmitters)  into the bloodstream, but the natural frequencies balance out and improve your auric field, so that you vibrate and attract on a higher frequency.

    Connect to Mindfulness


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